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Writing a Lab Report

ok so I wanted to show you guys a little bit about how to write my report and so you guys have this document I’ve shared it with you and so this is how your lab report will be graded and so it has all the points breakdown adds up to 100 all kind of good stuff so title and self-explanatory abstract so an abstract is an overall summary of your entire paper so we’re going to go back and show you I’ll show you how to kind of do that introduction has all of your background information purpose and hypothesis some students like to put these three things in bowl so that it’s being out in their paper and I’m sure to find it other students just write it like a regular paragraph that’s fine whatever format you prefer a fine materials and procedure is this is usually a list of things used in the lab and the steps that you took in the lab and although I usually give you a lab procedure that I recommend some students change it along the way or make changes in like the amount of a substance that they added and so you needed any kind of changes in the procedures you need to document their in your paper results data collection this is any type of table that you take your data down and any kind of percent error calculations that you might do any kind of naughty stuff would all be in this conclusions and discussion this is where you take all that result stuff and actually think about it so results in data collection you might write a few sentences just like this is what we found kind of stuff but you’re not going to analyze it you’re going to save all analysis for the conclusion and discussion so any kind of time that you are drawing conclusions it should only be in this section of your paper it should never ever be in the results section a lot of students must set up the questions section is for new questions that you have it’s not for answering any question that is posed two in the lab all the questions that I posed to you in the lab should be answered in your conclusions and discussion discussion section this section for questions is what new questions do you have now that you’ve done this experiment we’re excited and of course grammar punctuation spelling okay so you have recently completed your a macromolecule lab and so when you go to write your paper strategy all my all my sections first and then I go back and write introduction interior that’s another word for procedures either way is fine go so your title should be a create a unique title that is explanatory but not as there is like lab one okay so we did investigating our investigation of so this is my title you might come up with something completely different some students do something a little you know cutesy that’s fine as long as it is that it is as one of its informative so the extract just looks first in my paper I’m going to just put in some City and I’m going to come back to that later your abstract should be no longer than eight sentences and it’s just an overall summary you’re not doing a whole lot of detail here you’re not giving a whole lot of information it’s just a brief snapshot of what the lab was about the introduction though is very different from an introduction that you write an english class and English you write an introduction is maybe eight sentences long it’s very brief but an introduction in a science paper is very lengthy and it explains pretty much everything about the background of the lab and so again we had background information we had and our hypothesis so in this section of the paper you should have a lot of citation and so that means that any time that you write down something that you had to find out from somewhere whether it was you found it out in class or from a book or something you should be sighting your work and so as we start off with that gun information and we talk about that macro macro molecules are carbon-based molecules you that love you ok just a scent whatever you want whatever stuff but I had to learn somewhere that macromolecules are carbon-based molecules they help their part of cells that carry out life processes and so I have to strike my book okay so APA format you have the author’s last name and a comma in the year of publication if you are exciting a website it’s somewhere but it’s the title of the website and with an author is listed and again the year of publication and so all information that you are writing down that you found somewhere else needs to be cited you will not get credit for portions of your paper that are clearly site like should be cited if you don’t actually cite them that’s plagiarism at that point and so it should just be a zero on the paper but instead i’m just going to take out off points for that section so a purpose sometimes the purpose is given to you in the lab sometimes not so sometimes you have to think about that a little bit and your head office is from texas just an observation sometimes it’s an is then statement either format is fine materials and methods adjourned you tend myself materials and you can just you know okay sometimes you didn’t quantities get it tested results you wrote a lot of these results down in your lab manual or your lab notebooks already and so if you want to take a picture of those tables and insert them there or if you want to make a photocopy you can and so you’ve already done those results and that’s fine your discussion was identical okay also in your results section I didn’t mention this earlier but I have here a data manipulation so basically sometimes you have table data that can be dressed and so changing that data from a table into a picture they’ll also be in the results section however I don’t think we have that graphing in this particular lab the discussion section is basically looks like that you all the tables from your results and your hypothesis statements and make connections between them ok so the longest parts of your paper should be the background information that should be probably about a page type and then the discussion should also be quite lengthy again about a page type materials and methods things like that that might be fairly short results depending on the length of the lab and the type of lab involves I’ll be there very amount we’re excited you should always always always cite your textbook there’s calling no labs that we will ever do that you will not set your textbook in but also to use any online resources and please be mindful about the types of online resources you use Wikipedia is not a valid source so you need to use good science sources in order to have a valid we’re excited typically I expect about three citations for lab report but again you might have more you might have less but three is usually a good number to shoot for okay so if you have questions about Oh back to the abstract so again I said that your background information is going to be about a page your discussion is going to be about a page and they’re all commenting about the connection between your results and your hypothesis so then after you’ve written your whole paper you’re going to go back to your abstract and basically quickly summarize the entire lab again no longer than eight sentences okay so hope this is kind of useful if you have questions email me okay beeping guys like

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How To Move Songs Into I-pod Without I-tunes – Is There A Manner?

How To Move Songs Into I-pod Without I-tunes – Is There A Manner?

You’ll need to look no further if you are thinking about how to transfer music to I pod Nano with out having I tunes afterward. This informative article is going to share with you just how to move music without even I tunes to a Nano! Then you have probably wondered how to go about transferring songs to your own computer, if you are familiar with this iTunes app. This informative article will explain to you just how you can transfer songs.

The initial thing that you ought to do is plug your Nano and after that you will need to connect the Nano. When you’re connected you will need to run I tunes. This is really just a tool that can be used for a sort of things without being forced to put in it on your own computer and a few of those ideas is shifting music to your pc.

ITunes will enable you to drag and drop any music record on the iTunes icon in the sidebar. After that icon is shown by i-tunes you have to just click over the’songs’ alternative and you’ll notice a new collection of selections.

The subsequent thing to do is to drag and drop the file from the media folder on the icon in the left side bar. This may then make it possible for one to choose the locale at which you would like to retain the file.

Drag and drop the document and right click the file and after that click open to see the file once the place has been selected by you. You may then need to delete.

You will afterward need to start your Nano and then click on the»Audio» selection again. Within this field you will need to simply click the music document you wished to move and also click the»Transfer» buttonagain.

This will start the procedure for copying the file by your Nano and then you have to close I tunes. You will need to insert your Nano straight back which you simply joined into a personal computer and then you might be ready to relish your tunes with no itunes once you are finished on this step.

It’s extremely crucial you have a working Nano as a way to utilize this system because in the event that you really don’t reduce any of your music or you’ll need to obtain an update. As the Nano might need to use an external hard drive and also can’t read the system preferences of your computer. As a way to store your music.

One of the greatest approaches to learn to move songs to iPod will be to do yourself. This gives you the full understanding of the process and assist you to acquire the hang of copying files onto your Nano.

In the event you do not know a lot regarding the inner workings of this Nano afterward I recommend you use it and use the program which accompanies your own Nano. This applications will show you how to move documents out of Nano to the next and shows you the best way to replicate the Nano for new audio so you can save music about it.

Still another means to discover to transfer music to iPod is to start looking and give their particular advice. This could be some one onto a forum that manages music or at the music business.

Additionally, there are tutorial websites that may demonstrate how to transfer music and you’ll help save lots of time and money. They truly are simple to use and won’t charge a great deal of cash to purchase.

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Funny Essay Topic Suggestions

The roles of women and men have changed both in the home and on the job. I feel the rationale is identity. Romantic relationships comprise challenges. Friendship is a blossom which should be nurtured. It can take attempt, especially if you’re dealing with a hibernating amphibian. Read more

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Chem Lab Report

hi so as we all know being overwhelmed is a typical part of the life of an engineering student I mean you get calculus and other engineering subjects those are not quite easy after that that you have to write tons of lab reports well the good news is that we’re here to help we already produced calculus videos and also chemistry 107 videos and these can be found on our Channel Oasis 101 also other subjects such as physics are on the way and they’re in the making as a continuation of a chemistry help we are going to show you how to write useful and professional chemistry lab reports and by the way the guidelines are going to show you can be used for any lab report with minor changes depending on the subject so first of all keep in mind that the number one rule in running a successful lab report is to know everything that happens in the lab session please take know of everything observations equipments used measured quantities or whatever also don’t forget that you have to note down your partner’s name so let’s get going well first of all let’s talk about the main components of a lab report first of all you need a title page then you’re gonna need an abstract a results section a discussion / conclusion section and finally you’re gonna need the calculations section which can be added to the appendix if you have an appendix or it can be our separate section as it is for the talent page section you need to write the experiment number on the top of the page then you have to write your name obviously and then the turnin date and then finally your partner’s name that is it for the title page sometimes professors might ask you to write your UI n or your signature but for the chemistry lab report at this point you don’t need to do that so that’s it for the title page basically so an external list is the abstract think of the abstract as a summary of the report it tells what is the report about the abstract should include the purpose of the experiment and you can say that plural a bar saying the abstract of this experiment is or you can be creative and then next it contains a brief procedure of how you perform the experiment please do not be very detailed in this as you’re gonna explain it more in the results section the most important results should also be included and the significance of the experiment by giving a real-life application of where the experiment can be applied keep in mind that your abstract should be one to two paragraphs only so moving on to our next component of a lab report which is the results section and by the way it is the biggest section of any lab report it’s also the most tedious sometimes I should continue with data gathered in the lab session and it also should contain any graphs or tables that were derived using the raw data please do not forget keep this in mind guys when you put these tables and graphs do not forget to refer them in the paragraph before the table graph and also put titles on them do not just leave flying tables and graphs without being referred or without titles this keeps the reader lost also do not forget to write down the detailed procedure of how you got the results and data and the tables finally restate the important results and words again moving on to the discussions conclusion section now keep in mind this is the most important section because it presents your understanding of the experiment it shows that you actually know what you’re doing not just placing numbers in tables and graphs and following orders in the lab it should contain answers to discussion questions at the end of each experiment in the lab manual now keep in mind that when you answer these questions answer them in continuous paragraphs not bullet points and please do not rewrite the questions again it should also contain an error analysis paragraph which explains the possible reasons of error and different data and how to improve the results in the future finally restate the significance of the experiment by giving a real-life example and this could be the same example you gave in the abstract and now we have finally reached the calculations section in this section it should be the simplest section of your lab report it includes sample calculations by which I mean put one sample of each calculation you did so if you did ten additions please only put one addition process do not put the ten it’s gonna be tedious and painful for the grader also show the formulas that you used so if you added masses please say that mass equals mass 1 plus mass 2 in text and then do the calculations and numbers below and finally label the calculations so say what each of these calculations is you for so for example say for using for finding the total mass if we say that mass total is equal to mass 1 + ms 2 and then write 5 equals 2 + 3 or whatever so now we’re done with all the components of a lab report we know what each section contains and how it is organized so what could possibly go wrong well let’s see what are some of the common mistakes when writing a lab report and by the way I’m gonna list them an order of occurrence so the first common mistake is submitting a lab report with an unprofessional title page and this is because the title page might be unorganized things are in order text is unaligned and this could give a really bad impression about your lab report even before the grader sees the results and abstracts and discussion of the lab report and actually you want it to look professional because if your lab report today you’re submitting a lab report to our teacher tomorrow you gonna be submitting it to your boss the second mistake and line is the long abstract some people write their life stories in the abstract and fill it with long explanations and procedures please make it brief and short and precede the abstract basically tells the reader what is that I’m about and the reader is not at that point interested about understanding the whole experiment third problem is unitless numbers and if you write a mass of 4.5 you need to mention whether it was grams milligrams kilograms or whatever because this says a lot about the data makes a difference then we have excessive units and by this I mean that you put units in each table you should write the unit’s on top of the table for each column but you do not have to mention these units in each row of the table for each data point first problem is untitled figures and graphs and these sometimes are not referred please refer them before you put the figure and also put a title on the figure or a graph that you mentioned this keeps the reader engaged and you don’t have like flying graphs everywhere next we have bullet point discussion answers I already warned about this point when you’re answering the discussion questions please do not put them in bullet points make them in continuous paragraphs be creative and answering these questions and making them in a full readable text next in line will have excessive calculations and this in the calculations section a lot of people when they put the calculations they put every single calculation even if it was repeated and this is tedious please put one sample of each calculation you put finally we have the problem of leaving no references if use any reference that is a website a book the lab manual please put that in reference section this could get you in a serious trouble with plagiarism if you do not put these references I know it sounds straightforward but please a lot of people forget this it’s it’s so simple just whenever you use something just put that in there put it in the correct form APA or MLA style depends on what the lab TAS for please put references and save yourself the problems I hope this helps you write a professional lab report I hope I’d not miss some points these are general comments a lot of people might have different opinions in this but I think you should be doing fine at least for the chemistry 117 course thank you for watching have a great day

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Кредит На Карточку Онлайн Украина Не Выходя Из Домакредит Онлайн На Банковскую Карту Украина, Приватбанк

Want to Know More About Loans for People with No Credit?

Loans for People with No Credit for Dummies

If you’re particularly searching for a loan to assist you start up a little business, you may be able to receive help from a Community Investment Fund. Read more

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Top Mobile App Enhancement Companies & Developers In 2020

How Hard Could It Be To Make An App?

In python, when you extend a base category, there is absolutely no requirement such as for example defining an explicit constructor for implicit super agile development method constructor. Python code is much shorter, even though some Java “class shell” isn’t listed.

Our builders utilize agile development strategies to offer full-cycle app advancement services for a stellar portable experience. We convert your portable application development ideas into indigenous and hybrid mobile encounters for Android and iOS. Rich features, consistent user experiences, excellent capabilities, unmatched security and safety – helps us craft excellent experience for the users. Until recently, portable app enhancement was considered an option only for the big players in any industry. This created a growth barrier for businesses with smaller budgets, stopping them from venturing into mobile application development.

Java and Kotlin are usually interoperable, meaning they can utilize the same information. From an execution standpoint, the Kotlin vocabulary complies with Java Bytecode. Most of the other Android languages are considered a variant of Java or a flavor of Java.

The demand in the market for mobile designers is increasing rapidly. The businesses are shifting towards the portable application to be accessible to the customers easily. Whether it is Android development or advancement iOS, the profession for both fields includes a good scope. You can choose any of them and you would not escape employment. There is absolutely no doubt, the of mobile development is quite vast and increasing swiftly.

Popular Software Programs Written In Python

Java has the edge in terms of speed, although neither language will be ideal if overall performance was the most important consideration.

employ the appropriate filters to preclude SQL query injection which could otherwise compromise the protection of one’s site and server. Compressing your JavaScript and CSS files, depending on the level of code you have, could have a significant impact on performance. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital customs and entertainment content because of its dedicated and influential crowd around the globe. Regardless of how good the company looks on paper, you won’t know for certain if they are right for your project until you thoroughly take part in discussion with the workforce. Based on your budget, timeline, and features Clutch can connect you with corporations that match assembling your project needs directly.

Build Efficiently

We’ll spend private time with you to figure out just what you’re looking for. So you won’t need to learn how exactly to code, you’ll just have to get proficient at navigating through the website and figure out what works android development application best for your clients. You could design and style a template from scratch always, but personally, I believe it’s easier to work off of an existing design.


  • After your app requirements are defined, we
  • Using a responsive web site design technique, we are able to offer our buyers an app which will display their site content uniformly and effectively on a wide range of devices, screen and platforms sizes.
  • It can be compiled to JavaScript supply code also to native executables also.
  • can design and build the most effective app for your particular business, keeping the process simple, direct and cost-effective.
  • Pulse has the professional capabilities to produce a customized mobile app, or a create a mobile complement internet site, for iOS and Android devices.

The marketplace for mobile developers is also increasing remarkably and it is expected to function as most promising job. The demand for mobile phone apps can be very high since they can keep users stick to their mobile all the times. The trends for android applications such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Snapchat may also be increasing.

Regardless of your organization type or industry, you’ll have the ability to find a template to truly get you started. I understand I’m biased but BuildFirehas a great deal of great templates to suit your business. You might not have the budget to pay over $200,000 for someone else to build it for you personally. Using the learn startup methodology will also let you know early on if you should continue building your app or just cut your losses and avoid major failure. You could spend months or possibly yrs perfecting the app and wasting thousands of dollars to build up it.

Hybrid Mobile App Enhancement: When And Just Why To Choose For The Business?

You might like to look when you are building consumer apps elsewhere, or if you just want WYSIWYG layout and a no-compromise offline mobile user experience. Blending the latest mobile technology with ways of technique engagement and integration, we shall help you break up through the clutter and become relevant, purposeful, and inventive.

Marketing will assist you to with keyword research, which is essential for SEO and app retailer optimization , both of which are key for discoverability. app stores you intend to use to distribute your app, in the event that you don’t have them already; this step may take several days to complete and is simple to overlook. It’s also a good idea to go through the app store suggestions which means that your app isn’t rejected during the review process.

Gits Apps Insight

alternative app marketplaces, from Apple’s App Retail outlet and Google Play apart, to distribute your app. The steps you try plan your app launch could have the greatest effect on its ultimate success, and getting the marketing department involved in the process is probably the most important early.

All you need is a model that demonstrates a great idea – let your funders purchase the technical planning. Wolfram Alpha, a complicated AI app providing pro answers on any subject from algebra to zeppelins virtually, would have a complete many more in-depth knowledge. Sign up to be notified of latest blogs and be the first ever to receive helpful app goodies from Savvy.

Mobile Web App Vs Native App Vs. Hybrid App

Appian provides parlayed its business process management product into a mobile app development platform after about two years of intense development. With a process modeler, mobile, and person experience development, and cloud deployment, Appian enables developers create and deploy iOS, Android, and web apps. Appian apps attribute collaboration, event monitoring, task control, business data access, reports with charts, multimedia record, and layered protection with SAML authentication.

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5 Advantages Of Custom Application Development

With This Comprehensive Mobile Application Growth Services

Stand-Up Each workday starts with a brief team stand-up meeting to discuss what we performed yesterday, and what we intend to do today. When our engagement with the client starts we assist them create detailed user tales and scope out the next few sprints. Even the most visually awesome app can and will fail to succeed on the app shop if it’s certainly not intuitive and lacks usability.

A successful iOS developer should have a good understanding of Swift and its core concepts. Download the Career Karma to start out learning how to code and meet different students preparing for coding bootcamps. The average pay for senior iOS designers is over $133,000 per year; the average salary for senior Android developers is over $126,per year 000.

We can take over the management of one’s existing architecture, regardless of how personalized or dated. We’ve developed financial methods that process hundreds of millions of dollars of transactions for banking, insurance coverage, and financial clients. With a gigantic individual base, an Android app should complement your iOS app. eLink Ventures eLink Design makes venture capital and service-centered investments into forward-thinking companies. eLink Design stays before client service, new engineering and marketing tactics.

What Is Application Development And Delivery?

There is minimal wastage because software factors can easily be reused. «Markup language» identifies the way tags are accustomed to define the page layout and elements within the page. Whether you’re a fresh new startup or an experienced marketing specialist with clean SEM experience, our background shows we can help you achieve your KPI goals.

If changes are expected, RAD will be able to accommodate these much faster than waterfall. RAD can be never too attached to a prototype and is definitely willing to change it out to suit the requirements of the customer. The waterfall method assumes that the job requirements are clear and the client and project manager have a unified and clear vision about the end result. Application development is carefully linked with the software development life-cycle . Sharat Chander, Director, Java SE Product Supervision Oracle is definitely proud to announce the overall option of Java 14 representing the fifth feature release as part of the six-month cadence.

A Beginners Information To Web Application Advancement (

Data Notifications and Storage.You should know how to store, update, and delete information on an Android device. Even if you rely on outside APIs for an app, you’ll still locally need to store information, on the user’s system.

These are some of the of steps which should be taken into consideration while developing an app. Using these steps, it is possible to develop an app ensuring success in long haul. However, it is nearly impossible to pen down the exact swift ios development steps which have the effect of achievements of an app. Deploying an app involves plan, schedule and control of the movements of releases to test and live environments.

Encrypt your data before it goes to the cloud to safeguard it while in motion and at remainder. Get yourself a holistic view of one’s procedures footprint across on-premises data facilities and the cloud.

Manage scrum or waterfall development work throughout the lifecycle from the unified backlog of tasks. Take the chance out of going fast and decrease friction between IT operations and progress. Testing – about 20 hours, with respect to the number of platforms and functionality.

Related Solutions

  • Manufactured in only weeks, Solomon Group creates custom made apps for incidents that drive 6-body increases in ticket revenue and force the boundaries of the attendee expertise.
  • Adorama Publications is powered by complicated math algorithms and optimization methods and has a complete group of eCommerce features for portable users.
  • We apply iterative technique and that means you shall get digital items at utmost efficiency, address adjustments and deliver promptly and budget quickly.

We believe in the energy of technology to lessen the complexity inside our jobs. At ServiceNow, we create work, work for people who have modern digital workflows far better. Get the support resources, equipment, and programs you need for every step of your upgrade journey. Observe your regional broadcast to see how Paris release innovations fuel business resilience and agility. Build customer loyalty, outpace fin-techs, and speed development while curbing dangers and costs.

Should you be considering using a web development platform, I, biasedly, would welcome one to try Budibase when it’s released within the next couple of months. Vue is smaller in proportions and better to learn than React, and is good for most sizes of tasks. Web application frameworks happen to be opinionated and each has its own philosophy and benefits.

That way you can spend the majority of your time and energy to get clients. Then you can simply light label the app to make money by promoting it to the businesses you’re working with. So you won’t need to learn how to code, you’ll just have to get proficient at navigating through the web derivative calculator app site and figure out what works best for the clients. Both of these scenarios require zero coding skills if you discover the right app builder. Using the learn startup methodology may also let you know in early stages should you continue establishing your app or just cut your losses and steer clear of major failure.

You’ll conduct research and obtain customer feedback through the entire process constantly. So you can figure out how to code from your computer, anyplace with a Wi-Fi interconnection. Here’s the good news, you don’t need to go to school to learn code back. Your company may not even be able to secure a $200,000 line of credit, never mind fork out over $250,000 for an app.

Pega Group has detected you are using a browser which might prevent you from exceptional site as intended. The iOS platform is the operating-system that powers Apple’s well-known line of iPhone smartphones. The Android operating-system is used not merely by Google devices but also by a great many other OEMs to built their own smartphones along with other smart devices.

SCADE is a language and a growth environment that is used in areas such as for example avionics , the nuclear industry , the railway sector and the auto industry recently. The SCADE surroundings implements an extension of the LUSTRE dialect . This expansion maintains the qualities of the LUSTRE words and enables modeling in line with the concepts of blocks efficient diagrams and data circulation. The LUSTRE terminology is section of “formal methods”, in the sense that it’s based on a specific semantics and syntax. exhibits a sampling of a few of the widespread mappings used when changing an Oracle kind to ADF 11g.

Enrolled students will get their personal coaching timetable and the location of classes on the My Birkbeck profile. Programme specific timetables are stated in the handbooks designed for each programme. Companies are using Docker to are more agile, responsive and leaner.

•We need Test and QA to are likely involved in Configuration Management up front. We need to understand application mapping and also have better communications across the broader organization. In either example, the parameter governing safety measures being passed in to the program is “security level” also it defines which security components are to be linked to the specified service. ▪SEC_registerMultiplexingProtocol ; this user interface configures the service data source to trigger when a link is being requested at a particular channel number on an RFCOMM relationship.

Cloud security supplier Accurics has release an upgrade of its free of charge and open-origin Terrascan static program code analyzer with new support for Kubernetes. In some ongoing companies at the very least, software teams have seen «demonstrable benefits» from working remotely through the COVID-19 pandemic, in accordance with a newly published document. Stone Brewing is one of the largest craft breweries in the usa. Use data from attached devices to achieve powerful business outcomes.

Future-State Architectural Design Everyone is talking about the need for an electronic transformation, but how can you there get? Observe how our future-state architecture design may use cutting edge technology to meet up your organization’s needs. Based on your allowance, timeline, and specifications Clutch can link you with organizations that match your project needs directly. , instead of admission handle and/or isolation, the authors formulate the effectiveness interference problem as an optimization/control problem. Subsequently, they make an effort to mitigate interference by producing optimum and the fairest trade-off for several tenants in cloud.


Few people heard of the KaiOS operating-system, though it has become a leader on the list of second tier already. The operational system is a fork of Firefox OS predicated on Linux and designed for low-cost devices. Though Google released Google android Choose entry-level devices Even, KaiOS remains the first choice in this segment. Have already been using Appypie for 4 years and continually get best value already.