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Interview: ‘Mango Bride’ Publisher Illuminates ‘Multi-Faceted’ Filipino Diaspora

Interview: ‘Mango Bride’ Publisher Illuminates ‘Multi-Faceted’ Filipino Diaspora

Novelist Marivi Soliven, composer of «The Mango Bride.» (Nancy Kwak)

Creator Marivi Soliven’s first book, The Mango Bride (NAL Trade, 2013), is actually an in depth, extremely real portrait of two completely different girls from Manila which dare, each inside her own means, most presumptions about immigration for the US. It really is a tale of this Filipino diaspora, the distinct features and troubles of deciding within a overseas area, exactly how we establish homes, additionally the strategy that haunt a household from a single generation to another location.

Asia site spoke with all the creator about their publication, their transition that is personal from Phillipines to The united states, and also the real-life mango brides only just before their look at a meet with the creator event paid by Asia people’s Philippines Center in Manila nowadays, Monday, July 29.

The Mango Bride examines the difficulties of acculturation and identity that is cultural. Might you talking just a little in regards to the characters, therefore the pros and cons of attempting to settle and then make it in the usa? Read more